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Suri Symposium – Show Me the Money!

I didn’t go to the 2013 Suri Network Symposium to win $500 but that’s what happened after entering a drawing for half the pot! Thanks SN! That aside, the Symposium is a must for anyone serious about progress in the Suri business. Having attended for the second year as a new breeder, I found the information invaluable. Being somewhat “mathy” I loved the focus on data, and am starting to believe that failure to enter the Suri Herd Improvement Program (S.H.I.P) at the ground level could be costly in the end. It was great to hear more about genetics, the technical aspects of fiber, the reality of end products, the importance of good nutrition and the science of breeding. I really enjoyed visiting with judge Jude Anderson (Hint: get her book!) and meeting Dr. Norm Evans (hint: get his book!). All in all, it seems like a well-rounded approach is the key to business success: participating in Shows (hint: volunteer!), submitting Fleece Entries, getting Histograms, having a Herd Classification (on my to-do list), and making good Breeding Decisions just to name a few. Congrats to Suri Network; the speaker line-up on this was amazing.